Mobile Applications

Helping professionals build new habits.

  • Embedded into their workday to provide experiences to practice and apply in a non-disruptive way
  • Daily Actions tied to their real deliverables that are focused and intentional to achieve the highest impact (70/20/10: on-the-job experiences)
  • Social learning and insights shared amongst peers creating user-generated content
  • Easily customized and personalized for maximum relevance
  • Builds accountability and measures progress
  • Simple, elegant and engaging

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Inside Out Learning, Inc.

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Approach to Learning

Inside Out Learning, Inc.

Breakdown 'big' behaviors

Break down big behaviors
into daily learning
(5-10 mins / day)

Inside Out Learning, Inc.

Mobile First

Designed for Core Users
who are Mobile and Social
(Inspired by Consumer Apps)

Inside Out Learning, Inc.


Practice and Apply in the context
of the work you should be doing.
Create focused On-the-Job Experiences

What People Say About It

Inside Out Learning, Inc.

"Your methodology of learning for 10 mins/ day has actually changed my behavior. A new habit was created for me."

Inside Out Learning, Inc.

"Still using the app for the frameworks and tools inside the app. Loved that everything was in my pocket! This is really important."

Award Winning Platform

Brandon Hall Award Learning & Techonlogy 2020

Supplier of Excellence award from Palo Alto Networks

Clients Using the Platform

5 Mobile App Pathways

  • The Authenticity Code™ - Coming soon!
  • New Manager Transition
  • Leading Today and Tomorrow
  • Selling Today and Tomorrow
  • Breakthrough Onboarding

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