The Authenticity Code™

The world demands our institutions, professionals, and leaders be authentic. The Authenticity Code™ is an all-in-one method to secure large contracts, achieve career goals, and build unshakable loyalty by awakening people's true power from the inside out.

You won’t secure multi-million-dollar contracts, develop and hold on to top talent, or drive growth by investing in yet another skills training. You need more. The Authenticity Code™ process strips away the artificial mindset of “fake it ‘til you make it” corporate culture and replaces it with a cohesive, aligned culture of authenticity and growth-focused empowerment. It gives the power to spur growth within your team by unleashing their potential from the inside out. Being authentic is not just the latest trend. It's something that only comes from our unique approach at Inside-Out Learning.


Over the past 25+ years, Inside-Out Learning has helped thousands of professionals and leaders be successful from the inside out with The Authenticity Code™.

Participants of The Authenticity Code™ program experience a leadership transformation that leverages their professional presence and enhances their presentation skills. Professionals and leaders who have attended this program have propelled their careers, increased their influence by becoming more effective communicators, and positively impacted their team & cross-organizational dynamics.

We are proud to announce that our core content is now being offered for learners of all levels and needs in the form of a book, mobile application, and live virtual program.

Let's have an authentic conversation about how we can help you.



  • Learn key presence and presentation skills, tools, and techniques 



  • Help you excel as a leader and professional
  • Get to YES faster in any presentation, including winning business 
  • To exceptionally deliver any presentation you give



  • How to take your presence to your next level
  • Audience understanding tools for tailoring your message to your audience 
  • A proven formula for presentation success that guarantees your presentations will be better than your past best
  • Apply the tools you'll learn to deliver exceptional presentations


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  • Development

    Developing next generation of professionals/leaders

  • Outcome

    Getting to "YES" faster in any presentation - internal or external

  • Improvement

    Improves leadership and influencing skills

  • Sales

    Real-life presentations prepared in program have led to billions in sales

  • Knowledge

    Apply knowledge to best represent the organization internally and externally

  • Growth

    50+% promotion rate and 95% retention rate


"Great class! While this class was great fo us executives, I believe younger leaders and managers would also greatly benefit. Why wait until a person has 5 to 10 years of work left, when you can train them and reap the benefits for 20-30 years with these skills."

“I created a presentation during your program with your help and when I briefed our customer, they were ‘Rocked’. We are now on track for a ½ BILLION Dollar Program and our foot in the door for several more.”

“I recommend that all leaders and potential leaders do whatever it takes to attend this program as it will greatly assist you and your entire company.”

“The presentation I did through your class to our corporate customer resulted in a 1 BILLION contract.”

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