The Authenticity Code™ Virtual Program

What is the Authenticity Code™?

Over the past 25+ Years, Inside-Out Learning has helped thousands of Executives be successful from the inside-out with The Authenticity Code™.

Offering this program will help you understand how your:

Your Presence + Your Audience + Your Presentation = YOUR SUCCESS

These three factors are essential for business success.

Participating in this program will give you the understanding of how your presence and presentation can best influence key stakeholders at different levels within your existing and potential customer base to improve your confidence and increase your ability to sell and present virtually and in person.

What you Get

  • Pre-work

    You send in a 5-minute benchmark presentation video

  • Virtual Training

    5-hours of virtual training delivered in two 2.5-hour interactive webinars

  • Virtual Coaching

    45-minute of virtual coaching to help you develop an important presentation

  • Workshop

    3-hour video-taped virtual workshop with real-time peer and expert feedback

  • Video Review

    Video review with an expert that measures progress against initial benchmark video

  • Community of Practice

    Access to a community of practice with tips and tricks, and on-going support

You will leave with an exceptional 10-minute presentation that can be delivered virtually or in-person!


*Only looking for virtual training? Select "Main Program" when registering.


November 16th & 18th

Week 1: Training

  • Submit initial benchmark video prior to training
  • Attend virtual training in the form of 2 2.5-hour recorded web conferences 
November 16th & 18th

Between Week 1 & 3

Week 2: Coaching

  • Attend 1:1 coaching on your presentation via 45-minute web conference
Between Week 1 & 3

November 2021

Week 3: Workshop

  • Attend video-recorded 3-hour virtual workshop delivering presentations and receive peer and expert feedback
November 2021

After Week 3 Concludes

Week 4: Video Review

  • Video review with an IOL expert to receive detailed feedback comparing benchmark and workshop presentation
After Week 3 Concludes

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“Because of your program and coaching, we received an outstanding on our oral presentation and we won a $383M contract with the AF.”

“I have been here for over 30 years & this is the best class I have taken by far.”

“I recommend that all leaders and potential leaders do whatever it takes to attend this program as it will greatly assist you and your entire enterprise.”

“The presentation I completed during this program resulted in a contract worth $350M”

“You saved a program that is integral to our national security!”

“What you created was nothing short of a miracle.”

“We received a much higher customer award fee because of your 360.”

“I recommend that all leaders and potential leaders do whatever it takes to attend this program as it will greatly assist you and your entire enterprise.”

“I created a presentation during your program with your help and when I briefed our customer, they were ‘Rocked!’ We are now on track for a ½ BILLION Dollar Program and our foot in the door for several more.”

“Best coach I have ever worked with"

"Changed my life"

"We finally closed the past, and aligned around our future."

"OCAI - showing culture shift."

"I can't believe we shifted as much as we have in less than one year!"

“Using the coaching culture, we have been able to constructively empathize and relate to each other.”

“Helped an employee to come up with her own solution versus providing her one. The empowerment and choice for her to choose led her to find the best solution.”

“Having these tools have allowed me to have difficult conversations regarding performance, quality of work, time management, overall expectations, and attendance.”

“My coaching relationship with Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman has helped me with my time management skills, presentation skills, and working across, up and down organizational lines to maneuver through politically tough issues and conflicting priorities at very high levels. I have improved in my confidence, courage and ability to lead change at the Divisional level of an organization. The feedback I received from my peers and upper management through the 360 process has been invaluable in helping me develop my own leadership skills, setting priorities and in the development of execution plans that align with the needs of the business. I recently was promoted to Vice President for which I am so grateful."

"The Leadership Coaching process is excellent and has been extremely valuable to me as an Executive. It has provided the 360 feedback needed to become a much better leader for the company. Without the coaching, I would not have been able to improve my skills within the same time frame. Specifically, I have improved my ability to lead in a more collaborative and effective style. My transition to a new leadership role will be much more successful and provide more value to the company..."

"The program was terrific, It has been barely two short weeks since you presented but the office has already changed. Interpersonal communication level has increased, morale has gone up and tensions are practically non-existent. It feels good to come to work. There is a good mix of harmony and energy that I have never felt before here."

"Engagement virtually is essential and difficult.  IOL’s training kept us engaged and demonstrated numerous ways to keep team members interacting virtually.  From pre meeting planning to multiple ways to engage during a meeting to include both introverts and extroverts appropriately so they are all included, and their voices are heard"

"The virtual working from home is critical as we learned that up to 60% of our team can work virtually and be very effective.  This is an essential part of our future and this training helps in ways we did not imagine at the beginning of the shift imposed by COVID.  I would recommend it as all companies are impacted by the changes and what you learn in this program greatly supports our future success."

"In the midst of the transition to fully remote work, our team realized we needed to sharpen our skills regarding remote engagement, communication, collaboration and team building.  The IOL webinar series was insightful and well timed, as it not only increased our technical skills with regard to remote communication platforms, but it helped us expand our internal conversation.  This ensured we were listening, engaging, and responding appropriately, not just to keep the business growing, but our work relationships as well."

"What a fabulous team!! Thank you for such a positive, encouraging, thoughtful, supportive afternoon.  Honestly, it was the best meeting I have been to in a long time!"

"Best virtual speaker I have seen to date, very impressive and interactive.  Thank you."