The Authenticity Code™ Mobile Application

Approach to Learning

We have taken our 5-star program and developed a mobile pathway for The Authenticity Code™. With this learning journey, we are helping professionals and leaders build habits by delivering daily micro content and real-life actions while learning in the flow of work.

Inside Out Learning, Inc.

Breakdown 'big' behaviors

Break down big behaviors
into daily learning
(5-10 mins / day)

Inside Out Learning, Inc.

Mobile First

Designed for Core Users
who are Mobile and Social
(Inspired by Consumer Apps)

Inside Out Learning, Inc.


Practice and Apply in the context
of the work you should be doing.
Create focused On-the-Job Experiences

What you Get

  • Flow of Work

    Embedded into your workday to provide experiences to practice and apply in a non-disruptive way

  • Social Learning

    Social learning and insights share amongst peers creating user-generated content

  • Accountability

    Builds accountability and measures progress

  • Daily Actions

    Daily actions tied to your real deliverables that are focused and intentional to achieve the highest impact

  • Customizable

    Easily customized and personalized for maximum relevance

  • Engagement

    Simple, elegant and engaging

Keep reading to see our available learning pathways and how you can request a free 3-step demo.


We have taken the content from our 5-star in-person program and developed a mobile pathway that consists of 5 core habits, which are broken out into 16 steps.

Our facilitators will guide you through the process as you absorb and apply the code. You will achieve this by learning the content through engaging mediums, completing daily actions with our interactive tools, as well as social learning in a peer community that encourages real-life application.

Habit 1

Presence: Exhibiting Authentic Presence Qualities

Habit 2

Presence: Living Your Authentic Brand

Habit 3

Audience: Tailor Your Message to Your Audience

Habit 4

Presentation: Develop Clear, Concise, and Influential Presentations

Habit 5

Presentation: Mastering Your Virtual and In-Person Environment

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After you create and confirm your account, navigate to your app store and search for '1st90' and download the application to your phone or tablet. Alternatively, you can click on the icons below that corresponds with your device.

Once downloaded, log-in with your email and enter the password 'leading' for access.

Don't have a gmail account? That's ok! Send us a message with your desired email address and we will create a log-in for you. Please allow 1 business day for a response.

Want to chat with us and receive more information on this pathway? Contact us!

Want to chat with us and receive more information on this pathway? Contact us!

What people are saying

"Your methodology of learning for 10 mins/ day has actually changed my behavior. A new habit was created for me."

"Still using the app for the frameworks and tools inside the app. Loved that everything was in my pocket! This is really important."

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