KNOW Book Phoenix 2020 Publication

KNOW Book Phoenix 2020 Publication

IOL has been featured in the KNOW Book Phoenix 2020! We are so grateful to be showcased again this year. We encourage you all to visit KNOW Book + Tribe and check out the wonderful work that they are doing, as well as all of the other amazing women featured in the book.



Transcript: “Dr. Sharon is CEO of Inside-Out Learning (IOL), an award-winning leadership, team and organizational development consulting company. With 25+ years of experience, a Doctorate from Columbia University, and a Masters from Cornell, Dr. Sharon designs transformative learning programs that identify & change behaviors in leaders and organizations so they can achieve exceptional results. Sharon was also co-founder of Central Phoenix Women. IOL has delivered over 2500 global training programs for Fortune 500 (including Boeing, Virgin & GE) and mid to small size companies. They create lasting change by incorporating Intensity, Frequency, & Duration into all of their Programs, including Coaching, Authentic Presence & Presentation Skills, Team Development Off-sites, & Culture Change programs. IOL has helped their clients get promoted, win billions in new business, and improve employee retention and team dynamics. IOL is a member of the Women’s President’s Organization, WBENC and is WOSB certified. IOL has been featured in The New York Times, MORE magazine, and Oprah’s, ‘O’ magazine. Inside-Out Learning has distilled the transformative power of their 5-star in-person “Authentic Presence and Presentation Skills” program to a digital training format, anticipating the publication of Dr. Sharon’s book, The Authenticity Code™: Your Presence + Your Audience + Your Presentation = YOUR SUCCESS! Individuals and leaders will soon have access to this formula for success online at their convenience and can take advantage of the same impactful material that has benefited tens of thousands of Executives across the globe. Go to www.insideoutlearning. com/tac to download a free exercise that will begin Unlocking Your Authenticity Code™. This exercise will reveal your authentic leadership calling which is your most powerful way of adding value by expressing your unique gifts and talents.”

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