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THE AUTHENTICITY CODE™ is a book that will impact ANYONE and EVERYONE with a story to tell or an idea to pitch. It will help leaders of all stripes achieve a positive and memorable end result.

The book should have a long life on your bookshelf, because the principles and examples presented are timeless.


In Life and Work, You Can’t Fake It to Make It.
Your Presence + Your Audience + Your Presentation = Your Success!

When we communicate effectively and authentically, desired success in our lives and careers is within our reach. Dr. Lamm-Hartman provides encouragement and tools for becoming more effective communicators―thereby letting our authenticity and skills illuminate our talents for the world to see. The Authenticity Code™ tells the story of a fictional corporate vice president choosing a sales director from two talented protégés. After they present their cases, he realizes that neither of them is impressive enough to qualify.

Instead of giving up, the leader sets out to teach his candidates what they need to know via the Authenticity Code™ Program. Lamm-Hartman’s resulting business parable is packed with timeless tools that are delivered in a funny, engaging, honest, and educational narrative. Like the candidates in the book, readers will learn to look within themselves and decide what they really want from life and work―and how to go about getting it.

Practical tools for unlocking the ultimate secret to success are presented as The Authenticity Code™: Your Presence + Your Audience + Your Presentation = Your Success. These tools will help the reader excel in any current or new career. In fact, there is an 80% promotion rate within a year of attending an Authenticity Code™ Program among thousands of global participants.

Leaders, professionals, teachers, salespeople, and job seekers will become more effective in presenting their purposeful ideas, and readers will likely advance in their careers (promotions and increased sales) and enhance their personal lives (stronger relationships with family and friends after using the author’s two key parts to effectiveness: 1) The content of the presentation itself; and 2) The presence of the speaker, including attributes such as appearance, mannerisms, gestures, dramatic flair, and the use of voice.

Dr. Lamm-Hartman has 20+ years of award-winning experience as CEO and founder of Inside-Out Learning, Inc. (IOL), a WBENC-certified global leadership, team and organization development consulting firm. With a doctorate in leadership and organization development from Columbia University and a masters from Cornell, she is a certified executive and presentation coach, leadership development consultant, speaker, writer, and educator.

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