Arizona Business Spotlight: Inside-Out Learning and Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman

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Learning professional leadership can be a challenge in a workforce that’s always on the go. Inside-Out Learning has taken those lessons online, offering virtual programs that promote the support and growth of professionals as they expand their knowledge.

“Our services include leadership and professional coaching, leadership team offsites, leadership development training programs, RFP and sales presentations, and change management programs,” says Inside-Out founder and chief executive officer Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman. “We offer all of these services virtually and in person.”

Lamm-Hartman has over 25 years of experience. It was during her time with a Fortune 500 company that she recognized the need for change in the traditional system.

While she was getting her Doctorate from Columbia University, Lamm-Hartman started Inside-Out Learning, helping companies increase employee engagement, improve retention and grow their revenue streams. And the focus of her Doctoral dissertation? Facilitating transformation in leadership programs.

Lamm-Hartman says she views her work with companies and individuals as transformative, starting from the inside-out with a single individual who can influence the transformation of a company.

The ability to adapt has always been key for companies, but it has come to the forefront now with rapidly changing times and many companies having to switch from their traditional workforce to a virtual presence.

“Everyone is struggling now with COVID-19, including IOL, it has not only transformed what our idea of work looks like, it has had an economic and social impact on our country and the world,” Lamm-Hartman shares. “We are lucky because our team has always been remote and now we get to share some of our best practices with clients who are faced with this new ‘normal.’”

But it’s not all work and no play for her. We asked what some hobbies are when she’s not working to transform businesses.

“I enjoy spending time with my husband and our son, hiking in the desert,” Lamm-Hartman says. “Unfortunately, they don’t share my same enthusiasm for reading People magazine and watching ‘The Voice’ and ‘The Bachelor.’

Due to recent closures and general uncertainty because of COVID-19, the nature of operations is changing for many businesses. We asked Lamm-Hartman about the best way to support Inside-Out Learning during this time.

She invites professionals to connect with the Inside-Out Learning LinkedIn community, aimed at accelerating professional growth and creating a space to share knowledge. For those who are interested in learning more about what programs and guidance Inside-Out Learning has to offer, Lamm-Hartman invites readers to call them at 480-822-9939.

Inside-Out Learning and Lamm-Hartman have an exciting year ahead.

She will release a new book this year, so keep an eye out for The Authenticity CodeTM: Unlock the Ultimate Secret to Your Success.

Inside-Out Learning is bringing even more of their award-winning programs into the virtual space. This month the focus is on virtual workplace engagement, with the next module on May 21 covering building relationships virtually during challenging times and the May 28 module covering becoming authentically centered during times of transition.

In July, the virtual program will be The Authenticity Code – How to Present and Sell Virtually and will give professionals the understanding of how their presence and presentation can influence key stakeholders at different levels within their existing and potential customer base to improve their confidence and increase their ability to present and sell virtually.

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